Coda 2 Plugin to autocomplete Angular

coda-iconI love the new Coda 2.5, it has great improvements over the first release of Coda 2 however there is one huge thing that it’s missing and that is more Angular integration.

I think it’d be great if we could have bot syntax and code competition that fits our Angular needs.

So….. I wrote a small plugin that autocompletes the basic angular functions and services, it’s not much but it can get you started, please leave some feedback regarding what do you think I could improve or feel free to collaborate on GitHub.

Downolad from GitHub

3 thoughts on “Coda 2 Plugin to autocomplete Angular

  1. I did try your plugin but I do not see any completion happening…

    What should I expect ?
    How should it work ?
    A small demo with more explanation would be nice 😉

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