True meaning of blog

It’s been a while since I’ve added a post to my blog, I though I’d just add this quick note just to add the feel of new post to the main page.

When I decided to start a blog I realized that I could simply share with the world what I learn, of course not everything I learn, but the things that I learn that google couldn’t solve with a simple search, most knowledge is arcane, if you could see my notes you’d be surprised how much tweaks and work arounds I figure. For this 2014 I’ll try to share more of my findings on this website.

Hope something is reading out there.

Huh, the internet, such majestic creature.

One thought on “True meaning of blog

  1. Eclipse is actually a prcefet example of what I’m talking about. Clearly, the benefit of Eclipse is the plug-in architecture. Haven’t you ever fought with a plug-in, thinking that it is doing what is advertised, only to find out that it’s not? The first Subversion plug-ins for Eclipse were classic examples, reporting corruptions and failed check-ins erroneously.If you have indeed found a prcefetly solid working set, you are fortunate. However, I think that’s rarer than anyone admits. And don’t futz with it!

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